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prices effective December 1, 2017
I specialize in providing exemplary nail and foot care using only the highest quality products available; therefore my prices are higher than salons that specialize in lower prices and getting you in and out as fast as possible.
Gel Manicures
Soak-off gels are what make Gel Manicures possible.  They are a game changer 
  The average client enjoys chip free shiny nails for 10 - 21 days without damage to natural nails (when they follow home care instructions).  Some people can go longer but really, do you want the look of polish grown out that far down your nail?  Ewww, tacky.
choose from:
    CND Shellac, Gelish or IBD
All Gel Manicure services include a mini manicure.
 It is recommended that you return every 2 - 3 weeks for removal and reapplication of product.

 To maintain proper nail health it is recommended that you apply Solar Oil or CND Rescue Rx to your cuticles and nails a minimum of once daily both on top and underneath nails.
allow 1 hour for initial (virgin) service then 1 hour 15 min thereafter for this service
Nail repairs are NOT free.  There will be an additional charge for any nail repairs.
(plus a mini bottle of Solar Oil at first appointment)
add $5- $10 for removal of prior soak off gel.
Your service includes the color of your choice  from the basic colors or choose a premium or custom color or powder additive for an additional fee of $5 per added color coat.
 (Shellac gel polish and additives with hand painted flower on accent nail)

Pre-book and keep your next appointment and I will waive the  product removal fee at that app't.
Shellac - the greatest thing to happen to polish!
Basic Manicure......$20
includes removal of nail polish, file and shape nails, attend to cuticles, hand and arm massage followed by your choice of polish.
allow 45 min

(please note that if I am filling your nails over someone else's work the appearance and performance of your nails will be influenced by what the other tech put on your nails.  There may be fill lines and rings of fire that will have to grow out with time). 
 Your nails may also be more prone to lifting or breakage until all previous damage has grown out.  Your patience will reward you with the nails you deserve

warning: I will Not build your sculptured enhancements longer than is safe for your nail health. 
Acrylic enhancements require a commitment on your part to return every two weeks for maintenance and to apply Solar Oil daily to your cuticles and nails.
 I believe this so much that I give you your first bottle of Solar Oil free of charge at your initial appointment.
Extreme Flare makeover 

prices are for 1/3 inch length
square, squoval or round shape
add $5 for each additional 1/3 inch of length
Designer shapes (almond, flare, ballerina, coffin, knife edge) at an additional charge $10 up depending upon length desired.
Full Set sculptured...$45up
opaque pink
includes gel color of choice

Full Set Pink and White Sculptured...$55 up
instant french manicure: your choice of bright or soft white, pale or deep pink.
includes gel top coat

Glitter acrylic....add $5 per color

Full SetTips with acrylic overlays...$45 up
white or color tips available

Fills ( 2 week)........$30
includes a mini mani, minor repairs done, shorten as needed, rebalance nail.
additional week between fills..$5

Gel top coat - $3
Gel color & top coat - $5

maintains the look of a new set of pink and whites or glitter
Buff & Polish change on acrylic nails regular polish..$10
Repair at fill...$3
Repair between fills...$6
Embedded items....$5 up per nail
Soak off product from elsewhere.......$30
the only safe way to remove acrylic.
includes a mini mani
allow 1 hour minimum

Silk or Fiberglass Overlay on natural nails...$40
initial set
  A thin piece of silk or fiberglass fabric is placed on the nails between multiple layers of fiberglass resin.
allow 1 hour
Tips w/wrapover..$60
2 week maintenance....$20
polish change, shape, glue,buff & polish
repairs are extra
wrap fills.......$30
polish change, shape, new wrap at regrowth area, glue,buff & polish
repairs are extra

enjoy a large selection of colors to express your particular style
overlay your nails....$35
full set tips with dip...$55
remove old product...add $10


Shellac those toes!

go ahead, I know ya wanna...
(Tutti-Frutti on toes /\)
enjoy super shiny tootsies that resist chipping.  Great for hikers and runners!
slip on your tennis shoes, hiking boots or pumps immediately after your service without a smudge!
$15 add on to your pedicure
Tootsie Care
Please refer to my policies page regarding pedicures before you book your pedi.
All pedicures are performed in the deluxe pedicure spa.  Your back will appreciate the benefits of roller ball massage while your feet relax in the calming waters. 

For your safety & peace of mind, the spa is completely broken down and disinfected between every pedicure; meeting or exceeding all State Board guidelines.

The lucky lady receiving a spa pedicure could be YOU!
Deluxe Spa Pedi...$55

Includes callus treatment, aromatic sugar scrub toes to knees, moisturizing mask and a decadent massage followed by polish color of your choice.
allow 1 hour 15 min.
Basic Pedicure...$40
a complete pedicure with a taste of luxury; includes callus treatment, aromatic sugar scrub to feet and a relaxing massage followed by polish color of your choice. .
allow 1 hour
Express Pedi...$30
A complete pedi without the frills.
allow 45 min.
French on toes...add $5
Acrylic Toenail.....$5 ea
Acrylic toe set...$40
extremely thin and natural looking.  Recommended for people who have splitting nails or severely chipped healthy nails.
Rock Star Toes...$15 add on
the Ultimate Glitz and Glam treatment for your toes!
Dozens of colors to choose from for a customized effect!
Foiled Toenails........$5
Very dramatic; can be combined with your Rockstar nails or Gel Manicure
Remove acrylic or gel on toes.....$15
  Shellac Soak Off gels imitate Juicy Fruit gum 
red and green foiled toes; one of hundreds of possible foil variations
Nail Art
add on to price of service
 chameleon flakes...$5
glitter sprinkles....$5 - all 10 nails get a light dusting of glitter for a fade effect
Full Rock Star nails .... $15 add on to Shellac or gel nails.
full coverage glitter for ultra bling
stripes....$ 3 - 5
Spider gel accents...$1 per nail
French Polish......add $5

Magnetic or mood polish...$5

flowers....$3 - $10 per nail
cartoon character....$8 - $25 nail
rhinestones.....$ 0.25 each
foil....$ 1- $3  per nail
gel marbling....$3 per nail
Over 200 colors to choose from: featuring CND Shellac   OPI & Gelish gel polishes 

water marbleizing....$5 per nail
landscapes....$8 & up nail
pet portraits....$35 & up nail
3D acrylic art....$9 & up per nail
Magnetic polish

Silk, Fiberglass or Dip Patch..$3 per nail
imparts more strength than simple glue to a cracked nail.  Almost invisible patch that allows you to grow out a cracked or split nail.
Gel Nails
(only healthy nails with some free edge can support gels)

CND Brisa Gels
full set sculpts
includes gel polish and or gel topcoat

smile line fill.....$45

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