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colored acrylic mimics look of stone

This client wanted the look of tourmeline using acrylic rather than inks or paints

Nail Art

I love nail art! I thoroughly enjoy looking at what others have done, watching other artists perform their magic and creating some of my own for you and me to enjoy.

<---- set of custom coffin shaped press on nails ready to go

Please understand that I am not a xerox machine and really don't want to be one. I can do a reasonably good copy of a design if you bring me in a good picture; Pinterest has plenty or choose one of the 100's I have on hand! Just remember it will still be as interpreted by me and it will have a "Pam" spin to it.

Unfortunately, I am Not a mind reader and something always gets lost in translation when someone tries to describe a design they saw or thought up. What your mind's eye and mine see could be miles apart in reality. Please, if you see a design somewhere either take a picture, take a screenshot or bring a picture.  If possible please send me the picture via text prior to your appointment so I can plot it out or tell you if I am unable to duplicate it.  If you think it up yourself, then draw it out so we will both know what you are "seeing." It will save both of us a lot of frustration and hurt feelings.

Stiletto nails are the perfect compliment to "Frozen" snowman

almond shaped nails lend themselves to "monster art"

Gelish polish over acrylic

Spring fun with CND Shellac and loose glitter pressed into the nails

Teal and Black get together for simple but fun dots using Gelish gel polilsh

Shellac "Black Pool" French with a dusting of loose glitter makes an elegant statement.

toenails make an excellent canvas for nail art.


OPI polish used like paints create a beach scene for this client's trip to Hawaii

Right after Halloween is the Day of the Dead celebration. Be sure to deck out appropriately!

Even fine details can be created using Gelish and Shellac soak off gels like acrylic paint.

Angry bird using CND Shellac soak off gels

another take on Day of the Dead nails using Gelish gel polish

ombre using CND pigment powders gives an airbrushed effect

using Gelish soak off gel as "paint" to create fall leaves on a french manicure

basketball fan nails with Gelish gel polish. Shellac and Gelish gel polishes not only give a great gel manicure but they make great paints for art work!

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