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I am a professional running a business trying to accommodate busy people such as yourself. These policies are designed to keep my business running smoothly for everyone.

 usually run on time; if the lights are on but the door is closed I will be back shortly.

last updated: 12/08/2017

I do Not answer the phone during services;

If your phone number is blocked I will assume you are a salesman and ignore your call, so leave a voicemail with a return phone number and a name.

Send a text if possible and I will answer as soon as able.

Please remember, a lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.

Sundays, Holidays, early mornings & evenings the doors will be locked.

If you have an appointment, Please text that you are here and I will open the door for you!

Thank You

Cancellations & "No Shows"

48 hour notice is standard for all cancellations and appointment changes.

The one thing we can never get back once it is gone is time. We all lead busy lives and our time is precious. It's just a cancellation to you but to me it is lost income. Please, if you need to change your time give as much notice as possible. Thank you!

** If your appointment was to be paid using a Groupon or Living Social coupon and you cancel or want to move your appointment to another time and you do not give 48 hour notice you forfeit your deal (per the deal rules).

No hand held cell phones while having nail services.


No Texting during nail services; it can cause boo boos

Repairs are not free.

No one works for free; you don't and I do not either.

If I fix a cracked or broken nail during your service PLEASE remember it is not Free; there is a small (usually $3) charge for that repair. If you came in just for that repair the charge is $6 per nail fixed.


Make your choices carefully!

I am not responsible for your wrong choice of design or color. If you choose a color or design to be put on your nails and decide you do not like it you will have to pay for my time and product used to change it.

Fill lines

Please understand that if I am filling your nails over someone else's product or changing from acrylic to gel, the colors will most likely NOT match and there will be lines of demarcation or a visible color change. Sometimes there may be rings of fire from improper filing techniques previously used to do your nails. I recommend wearing an opaque color over the nails until your nails grow out.

I will NOT apply acrylic or gel product over heavily damaged nails.

I will NOT apply acrylic or gel enhancements to your nails if there are open cuts around nails.

Switching to gel polish from dip or any other enhancement may leave your nails less than perfect due to prior damage or stubborn bits of acrylic left on your nails.  We want to safely remove product  from your nails to protect the health of your nails.  The remainder of this product will safely dissolve off your nails at your next polish removal session.

     I do not remove old product using violent methods like shoving a tip or tool between your nail and enhancement to "pop off" the acrylic. That is brutal and counter productive to enhancing the appearance of the nails and preserving the health of the nails.

     If your nails have been damaged prior to our appointment you may experience less than optimal results with any procedures we do.  Product, including polish, does best on a healthy nail. Your damaged nails need to grow out.  Patience is key.  The nails you desire will happen.  We will cultivate them.


The spa has a 250# weight limit. If you weigh more than this amount you will need to find a tech with an appropriate spa.

Your assistance in lifting your own legs/feet is necessary. If you are unable to assist with positioning or are unable to keep legs/feet in alignment please seek out a nail tech and salon who are better able to help you.

Your toes and feet must be in healthy condition (no peeling skin, discolored or oozing nails) in order for me to work on them. This is the LAW and therefore non negotiable. As much as I might want to help you and your feet it is not within my license to do so and servicing your feet puts my license and the health of myself and others in jeopardy .

If you have a fungal infection on your feet or toes or anything that looks like it might be then you will need to get it cleared up before I can service your feet. Once you get the "all clear" from the doctor we can proceed with giving you Happy Feet!

If you need a referral for a podiatrist, here is one I recommend:

Dr. Margaret Withrow, D.P.M.



My suite is a compact and dangerous place for young children. Please make other arrangements for your young children before coming for your appointment.

Sleeping babies in strollers will be accommodated.


Seating is limited within the mini salon. If you bring an audience with you they may take advantage of the comfortable seating in the hallway during your service.

Daily Deals

Please read the conditions and rules carefully on all daily deals prior to purchase.

I will NOT be held responsible if you misread the terms and conditions.

Daily deals are Only good for the service indicated. If you desire a different service do not buy the deal.

The purpose of these deals is to introduce NEW clients to businesses. It is considered advertising and as such the merchant (me) provides the services for a minimal cost at a loss to me. I will NOT honor daily deals purchased by or gifted to out of town guests or minors under 16 years old. If you do NOT live or work in the area, Do NOT buy a groupon for my services.

All deals have a limit as to how many may be purchased for personal use. Gifting yourself or using someone else's credit card to purchase additional certificates violates the spirit of the deal.

Obviously, these certificates will NOT be honored.

Clients that make of habit of only coming to see me if they can have a "deal" are not welcome. There are discount salons on every corner happy to see you. Please, go there. We will both be happier.

The current Groupon ended in September 2017

When you are ill

Please, if you are ill, stay home and nurse yourself back to health before coming in for an appointment.

If you insist on coming in with a fever, cold or flu I will send you home.

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