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Allow me to begin by saying,

"I love Shellac!"

There are many wonderful products that can be used for a gel manicure but only ONE of them is genuine Shellac!

<<<-----------and it looks like this

Be careful there is a very convincing knock off that looks almost identical. Be sure the bottle says C N D and NOT "C C O".

I was very skeptical when the first soak off gel, Gelish was introduced a few years ago. I held off as a skeptic for over a year but I was impressed by my first true exposure at an OPI Axxium class.

I was definitely hooked! My polish lasted over 2 weeks (but it took over 30 minutes to remove). The first client I applied Axxium to went 6 weeks between appointments with no chips or peeling! Products have progressed and the new OPI Gelcolor comes off as easily, and is Gorgeous! whew!

This client was converted from acrylics to Shellac over two years ago. Look how healthy her nails are!

Fingers and toes love Shellac!

This is an example of removal using foil wraps with cotton: Never allow someone to soak off your product (any product) in a bowl of acetone!

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