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Are UV Lamps Safe?

Yes, they are!

Do not believe all the negative hype being spouted by self serving salesmen masquerading as experts. Being a friend of or endorsed by a celebrity does not make someone an expert in every field they care to talk about.

Need heart surgery? Go to a heart surgeon. Need dietary advice? Go to a dietition. Have a question about UV lamps? Go to a scientist specializing in lamps and light. Arizona is home to the leading testing labratory for light. Follow the link below to read their report on Uv lamps.

Independent testing by scientists have proven that UV nail lamps are safe when used per manufacturers' instructions.

The fact is you would have to get your nails done with gel polish every week for over 250 years to equal the UV exposure of ONE average tanning salon session.

You are exposed to more radiation on your hands simply driving a car with your hands on the steering wheel.

Feel free to visit this world reknowned scientist's website regarding UV lamps and read his very informative article on UV light and nail lamps:

Here is a link to the latest article on UV Nail lamp safety. Please check it out:

If you are still concerned about your radiation exposure, please, wear gloves with the nails cut out or better yet, wear sunscreen on your hands and gloves when you come for your nail appointments.

Below is a picture of a 90 year old woman after over 1 year wearing Shellac on her nails:

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